Unique Venues

Unique venues can lend a little “extra” to your event. Where you have your event will impact your guests in more ways than one. Ideally, the venue will set the stage for the experience, enhance their interactions, and leave a lasting impression.

Before – set the tone for what your attendees can expect
  • Are you at a traditional hotel?
  • Or did you select a boutique property?
During – enhance their experience
  • Exclusive event at an art gallery
  • Transform an airplane hangar
After – leave a lasting impression
  • remember your event every time they visit that place again
  • be inspired to recreate something equally memorable in the future

The key is to select the right location to create the mood you want everyone to feel.

Some great examples of unique hotels were featured in this article. Not every hotel was a hotel originally. Many historic sites started off as something else. For example:

  • Green Acres Event Center (Eden Prairie, MN) was built in 1942…as a barn
  • Casa Monica (St. Augustine, FL) was a hotel in 1888, then a courthouse in 1962…then reverted to a hotel in 1999
  • The Vault (Tampa, Florida) was originally constructed in 1919 to be a bank
  • Ale House Inn (Portsmouth, NY) started off as a brewery in 1880
  • Waterfall Resort (Ketchikan, AK) began as a fish cannery in 1912

And if you select just the right unique venue, you can probably save a little time and cash. Most unique venues are naturally lend themselves to a theme. The best part: most of them already provide built-in decorations, furnishings and linens to fit the property. So there’s a little cost savings for you!

Ultimately, your venue can make or break your event, so give it some thought before signing on the line.

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