Prom Season 2018: Promposals, What to Wear, and What to Expect

For those who don’t know, it’s Prom Season 2018 which means it’s time for promposals, limos, glam gowns, magic memories and after parties. Though many have come-and-gone (I’ve seen a few stretch Escalades over the past two weekends), there are still many to come. …and even more who are looking forward to Prom Season 2019.

So let’s dive right in!

What is prom?

Traditionally, High School Prom is the final dance of Senior Year of High School. It’s the last “hoo-rah” before graduation, after which, everyone will disburse to the next chapter – college, travel, internship, work. It’s usually focused around the dance itself and is an over-the-top, glamorous affair.

Prom is one of the most important American rights of passage. It’s usually a night full of magic and the first time most young people truly feel like adults. According to TIME Magazine, “The prom can be traced back to the simple co-ed banquets that 19th century American universities held for each year’s graduating class. A growing teenage culture pushed proms younger and younger, and by the 1940s the adolescent dance we know today had almost entirely taken hold. In the 1950s, a thriving postwar economy allowed high schools to eschew the traditional gymnasium in favor of proms held in hotels or at country clubs.”

One of my personal favorite scenes and likely the best depiction of aprom is the “Enchantment Under The Sea Dance” from the movie Back to the Future:

What to expect for prom?

In a lot of ways, prom season 2018 will feel like a massive high school wedding… minus the long-term commitment.

  • Promposal
    What is a promposal? They’re prom date proposals. Many times, asking “will you go with me to prom?” doesn’t seem like enough. Prom season 2018 was full of all sorts of wacky proposals. Some were better than others, I’m sure. Here were some great ideas for them. Remember: it should be memorable and Insta/YouTube-worthy if a “yes” is going to be the answer.
  • Planning
    After a date is secured, it’s time to start planning! Where to buy prom dresses? Should we rent a limo? What to do after prom? Where to get a corsage? Prom hairstyles……. the list goes on and on. Soon enough you feel like you’re actually planning for a wedding!
  • Dinner
    A lot of times, groups will get together for dinner before going to the actual prom. Make your reservations early as the hottest restaurants fill up quickly.
  • Ceremony
    Yes, Prom does have a ceremony. This is usually the acknowledgement of the Prom Court and finishes with the crowing of the Prom King and Queen. It’s all about the pomp and circumstance here and everything else stops for this moment of recognition.
  • Dancing
    …and the Prom King and Queen also (usually) share a spotlight (first) dance, with the court joining part of the way through. Prom is essentially a big party, so music is an important part of the evening (as is dancing).
  • After-party
    Since no one ever wants the party to stop (especially since everyone is dressed to the nines) there are usually after-parties planned. Sometimes it’s a group initiative at a bowling alley, hotel, or local hangout. Other times, smaller groups opt to gather at someone’s house or rent a cabin for the weekend.
What to wear for Prom Season 2018?

What to wear for prom season 2018

Prom is usually a night full of firsts, and clothing is no exception. Usually, it’s a black-tie affair with the ladies donning their first evening gown and young men rent their first tuxedo (a la James Bond). More often than not, months are spent agonizing over color, style and best places to find the right outfit.

Many young men pass on the tuxedo and instead opt to purchase their first formal suit. Typically, they accent the look with a tie, vest or pocket square that matches their’s date’s dress. Dresses for the young ladies span the gamut. You’ll see cocktail dresses in addition to prom jumpsuits. Some prefer a two-piece prom dress, others wear full-on ballgowns. A little shimmer and bling is definitely an unspoken “must.” Above all: the evening’s attire reflects the couple’s individual style.

In Conclusion

Prom Season 2018 promises to be another stellar celebration. Whether you decide to spend your prom night at the prom, or just at the post-prom parties, remember to be safe, smart and enjoy the memories! They’ll last you a lifetime.

Stay Passionate!

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