Jeff Bezos MARS2018 Conference

Jeff Bezos #Mars2018 ConferenceJeff Bezos MARS2018 Conference (#MARS2018)

Because you need to walk a robotic dog, watch a fly-in drone formation, and play beer pong with a robot at a face-to-face event.

CNET thinks it’s cool that Amazon founder Jeff Bezos tweeted a picture of himself walking with a robot dog. Sure, that’s way cool.

But from where we sit, we like that the guy who keeps reinventing the online marketplace relies on a face-to-face event to move a slice of the high-tech space forward. Bezos has convened the invitation-only #MARS2018 conference (now in it’s third year), gathering together robotics companies and academics to explore machine learning, automation, robotics, and space exploration.

Furthermore, judging by #MARS2018, an effort was made to ensure that women in the robotics, space, automation, and machine-learning industries were well represented at the event this week in Palm Springs, California.

According to GeekWire‘s rundown of the tweatstream, some of the most important highlights of the event include:

  • Intel indoor drone formation fly-in
  • a show-and-tell by Rocket Lab CEO Peter Beck featuring his company’s 3-D-printed Rutherford rocket engine
  • a sound-converting vest demonstration and
  • an inspirational talk by actor Michael J. Fox.

I’d sure love to add an invitation to MARS19 to my cart. Hey, I’m an Amazon Prime member.

Source: PCMA Convene, March 21, 2018, Author: Michelle Russell

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