Innovative Corporate Team Building Activities

Innovative corporate team building activitiesInnovative corporate team building activities can counter the normal response to team building in the workplace. If you mention it and noses squinch up, brows furrow and eyes roll: this one’s for you! The intention is great: spend some non-corporate time with your “work family” and get to know each other on a more personal level. The reality is often a bit different: awkward, forced and like an unending string of “getting to know you” activities.

Enter a new era of team building. You know, the one that everyone wants to participate in (and not just because it’s free and gets you out of work for a little bit). Below are a few ideas for more innovative corporate team building activities. Go beyond the traditional trust fall, ropes course and beach olympics (though there’s nothing wrong with those) and try one of these on for size!

For the creative-types
  • Improv Workshop – introverts may not like this one, but it’ll force them all out of their shells. There are groups that specifically tailor programs for corporate groups to get everyone involved.
  • Cooking Class (or Cook-Off Challenge) – Chili cook-offs aren’t just for the State Fair. Most places that offer cooking classes are equipped for groups (how else can you offer classes?). Well, buy it out and take your team there to tingle their taste buds and take home a recipe or two.
  • Painting Class – Everyone goes to a studio and an instructor guides everyone through painting the same piece. Each team member ends up with their own version of the original to take home and showcase. Alternatively, there are some that provide the supplies and participants paint what they feel like (wine glasses, pottery, etc.)
For the problem solvers
  • Hackathon – Present a challenge, break into groups, solve challenge. Any challenge will work (these were traditionally done in the tech industry to find programming solutions) and this naturally lends itself to discussion among the team.
  • Escape Room – Book one or build your own. Either way, when small groups have to find their way out of a locked room, you’ll see what teams are really made of!
  • Murder Mystery Lunch (or Dinner) – Hire a crew of actors to come in, feed everyone, and figure out the whodunit. If you’re squeamish about the optics of a “Murder” mystery, consider twisting it to a kidnapping (or mascot-napping) to keep things PG and kosher all around.
For anyone
  • Scavenger Hunt – Traditional, yes, but these are all about the spin. Hunt around the office? Or around town? Or from above (drones can help with some birds-eye-view clues!)
  • Get Sporty – I know not everyone is “sporty” (me included). However, there are options out there that will excite the least active members of your team. Every sport needs a pep squad, after all!  Consider some that are a little out of the box like dodge ball in a bounce room or go-kart races.
  • Group community service day – Teams can involved in your local community and build your corporate community. There are tons of options out there – community gardens, home building, soup kitchen service, a day at an animal shelter…the options are limitless.

These innovative corporate team building activities are sure to get your group excited about an activity together. They’re most successful when well promoted (see Event Promotion). Just make sure you pick one that fits the people going – it should be entertaining as well as “team building.”

Stay passionate!

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