Ideas for Royal Wedding Watch Parties

Ideas for Royal Wedding Watch Parties Event Planning Expert Advice

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Ideas for Royal Wedding Watch Parties

The royal wedding of Prince Harry and (Rachel) Meghan Markle is fast approaching (May 19). Though you may not be able to attend the wedding (presumably, your invite also got lost in the mail too?), there are a number of great ideas for Royal Wedding watch parties circling the globe.

First things first: decide when to watch – the wedding is at noon local time in St. George’s Chapel on the grounds of Windsor Castle. East Coast United States can start watching the “pomp” at 7 a.m. on television and online. However, like all good “Red Carpet” coverage, most TV stations will begin broadcasting before (4 a.m. Eastern Time, to be exact).

Of course, you can host a breakfast and watch it live (or stream it) while it happens. For those who are not morning-folk, perhaps brunch or lunch with a rebroadcast would work better. You can keep elements from these ideas for Royal Wedding watch parties for your own later-in-the-day showing. Then add some touches to make sure your guests know it’s a British Royal Wedding celebration. Here are a few of my favorites to make it memorable.

Ideas for Royal Wedding Watch Parties

Cover the “basics”
  • tea service
  • scones and/or shortbread cookies
  • a catchy hat or fascinator
Add the “Harry & Meghan” touch
  • add a lemon cake (or mini cupcakes) with elderberry frosting to your spread (or use whole lemons in clear bowls as decorative displays on your tables)
  • opt for a reception-style, small plate event like the newlyweds instead of a sit-down meal (Reportedly, Harry and Meghan won’t have a down lunch, but instead will have small bites to be eaten standing up so guests can socialize.)
  • add a few sweet treats from their menu to yours: bite-sized crème brûlée, mango-flavored panna cotta topped-biscuits, yellow macaroon (I’m seeing a “yellow” pattern unfolding, which is PERFECT for a May wedding!)
Make it “Royal”
  • ideas for Royal Wedding watch parties - make it royaladd a sprig of myrtle (if you can find these rare flowers) to your floral displays, tables or food presentations (this is a traditional addition to royal wedding bouquets since 1851)
  • most important: dress the part (or in some fashion of it); beyond your hat, consider a light summer dress for ladies and khaki slacks (and a retro bow tie?) for the gents.
  • have you sprinkled in a little “bling” here and there? Tiaras and crowns for all!
Make it “British”
  • add a touch of good ol’ Union Jack (the flag of the UK) – cupcake stands, cups, etc. can be found with the iconic print
  • play up the tunes from a few of your fave British icons – Sir Elton John, The Beatles or Adele anyone?

Most important when using these ideas for Royal Wedding watch parties: have some fun! It’s a regal, state affair, but you’ve got a bit more latitude than in-person guests. Make the most of it and be sure you have a few laughs and take pics to commemorate the occasion.


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