Guest List 101

The guest list is arguably the most important part of your event. It’s something hosts agonize over and somehow, someone always gets left out.  So what’s the best way to tackle your list? Here are a few tips from the pros for managing your guest list for your event:

Guest List Management Tips
  1. Don’t wait until the last minute.
    You should not be starting your guest list when you’re getting ready to order your invitations. Start working on your guest list a few months before you’re ordering your invitations. This will give you the opportunity to…
  2. …check, check, and recheck your list!
    Every time you look through your list, you’ll realize there is someone missing (…or someone who shouldn’t be there after all).
  1. If budget is an issue, set your attendee number and stick to it.
    It’s easy to quickly overspend without realizing it. Be 100% sure that the extra guests are necessary before you say yes. After all, something else will have to give to make room for them.
  2. Create your ideal wish list of attendees
    …then divide the list into “nice to haves” and “must haves.” This will guide you in narrowing who must be invited, and who’s going to be your B-list.
  3. It’s often good to invite a few more people than you expect to accept the invitation.
    Depending on the event, your guest list could have as much as a 40% no-show rate. It’s not a reflection on you as the host. But sometimes there are prior commitments, conflicts, or unexpected things come up.

The most important way to manage your guest list is to carefully monitor your responses. By tracking your RSVPs closely, you can determine if you need to invite more guests or stop spreading the word.

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