Event Theme

An event theme enhances your event by contributing another layer of interest for your guests. If you also encourage costumes, you invite your guests to add their personal touch to your event. This gets them even more engaged (and most times, excited) about going.

Search on Google and you’ll find thousands of theme options. There are classics (decades, historic periods, cowboys and Indians, fairy tales, colors), of course, but then there are some less common ideas. These are typically a spin on the classics (tacky pants pub crawl instead of a tacky sweater party, flower power instead of a swinging 60s celebration).

Whatever you choose, the event theme should be a part of your whole event.

Ways to integrate your event theme
  • words you choose – pirate party invite salutation: “Argh, Matey! You’re invited to climb aboard…”
  • style of your invitationsĀ  – nothing say Halloween like a severed finger reminder in a box
  • decorations – large paper flower garlands scream “garden tea party”
  • dress code – Kentucky Derby party + hat decorating station = smashing success!
  • foods displays – use red and black cupcakes to make an engaging “roulette wheel” for a casino-themed event

Whatever you decide, use your event theme to enhance your event. Get your guests excited, encourage interaction and involvement at your event by adding this extra layer of “interest” for your guests.

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