Event Planning for Beginners

Event planning beginners are on the rise. We are all beginners at one time or another. We have to start somewhere, right?

Perhaps it was the allure of a “fun job” or maybe it was the opportunity to fulfill your people-pleasing personality.  For me, my event planning journey began with a passion for developing creative new ways to engage people and my love of putting together events that would bring people together. I never got a handbook or “Event Planning Beginners Guide” manual, although there a many out there, because I sort of fell-into it.  This industry is not for the faint of heart and takes countless hours and sleepless nights to pull off a flawless end product.

Below is a list of considerations before you start spending cash and signing contracts.

Event “Gut Check” List
  • What is the purpose of your event?
    This should remain at the forefront of your mind throughout your planning process. It should guide each decision you make and be incorporated from start to finish.
  • What is your budget and who will fund it?
    Will it be ticketed or is it paid for and free to participants.
  • What is the best time for your event?
    Is it seasonal?  Are there other events that may conflict?
  • How many people do you plan to have?
    This will impact your budget and your location search.
  • What are you providing at your event?
    Food, entertainment, booth space, overnight accommodations, gifts, promotional items.
  • Where are you going to host your event?
    State fair grounds, hotel, local banquet hall, golf course, sports venue?  What you plan on offering and how many people you plan to have will guide this search.
  • How will you promote your event?
    Even small meetings, weddings and gatherings are promoted – invitations, web announcements, event websites, event ticketing sites, etc. are all forms of event promotion.

Once you’ve determined the key items above, you’re ready to begin planning your.  Event planning beginners basics are not impossible, but you should consult a professional planner to get the biggest bang for your event budget buck!

Stay Passionate!

Signature - Candis C.

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