Elite Childrens Party – Host it on a private jet

Elite Childrens Party: This Private Jet Company Will Throw Your Kid a Party at 45,000 Feet

Elite Childrens PartyStarting at $3,000 — plus the cost of the flight charter, of course.

Just when you thought kids’ parties couldn’t get any more over-the-top, aviation company VistaJet is taking things up a notch — well, 45,000 feet up to be exact. The subscription-based plane-charter group announced recently “Adventures in the Sky,” a new family travel program where parents can book the children’s party planners from Sharky & George to throw an elaborate fete aboard a private aircraft.

The London-based entertainers build each experience around a theme. An “Alice in Wonderland” bash might include an elaborate tea party with costumes and cookies iced to resemble playing cards.

A moviemaking party, as another example, can teach kids how to use a green screen. Regardless of the motif, not only are the activities tailored to be age-appropriate, they’re also tested to ensure they’re safe and fun aboard the planes.

Though this type of amenity might seem outlandish, it makes more sense when you consider that the number of jet-charter trips has been increasing and, according international travel broker PrivateFly, 15 percent of its passengers so far this year have been younger than 16 years old. (On VistaJet, a quarter of flights count a child among the travelers.)

The price tag for Adventure in the Sky begins at $3,000, plus the $12,000 hourly minimum for the flight itself.

Source: Travel & Leisure, June 4, 2018, Author: Sarah Bruning

Note from Candis C.

An Elite Childrens Party can be costly. Benefit: the only thing you and the little ones have to do is show up for on-time departure! Consider what you’ll need and how many will attend (plus parents) so the plane is large enough. Also consider adding in your invitations, food and drinks, and a reception in the hangar. Nothing says “elite childrens party” like exclusive hangar access!

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