Celebrate Graduation Season

celebrate graduation season 2018The time to celebrate graduation season 2018 is fast approaching. It’s a time of reflection, celebration and excitement about what’s to come. Tears and cheers will take center stage in a sea of caps and gowns.

The best part of graduation season? Why, the parties, of course! There will be celebrations with family, friends and classmates. How will you be celebrating? More important (if your hosting): how will your graduation party look? Here are a few ideas to make your graduation celebration memorable.

Pass on the “usual” stuff (’cause you know everyone else will have it)
  • graduation photo-mosaic

    Photo-mosaic signs or banners

    Replace the traditional cap-and-gown cake with cupcakes arranged in the shape of a grad cap….or even better: use them to spell out 2018

  • Consider a unique twist on traditional treats. We’re loving these “diploma cookies”!
  • “Congrats Grad” banners serve their purpose, but isn’t a personal touch always better? Consider a Congratulations photo-mosaic of you and your friends and family over the years.
Make your interactive  (and up the memory-making ante!)
  • Balloon photo spot

    Balloon selfie frame

    Consider a custom Instagram location and frame for when your guests get social

  • Selfie stations and photobooths are always a fun addition – and it’s all about the props! Chalkboards, printed social media “frames” (poster-size so you and your friends can make it in the shot)…or balloon photo-op spots
  • Glam it up with a custom step-and-repeat like the Oscars
Say “Thanks for the Memories!” when you celebrate graduation season (who doesn’t love a parting gift?)
  • Sweets are a great treat, especially when they’re made by your host! Reese’s cup “Cap-pops” are a great way to send your well-wishes to go!
  • Graduation cap-pops


    Thank them for “lighting the way” with plastic light bulb-shaped bottles filled with your favorite bright-colored candies (or a special thank you message)

  • Make custom designed shirts, mugs, notebooks, pens, pencils, etc. Places like Vista Print, Oriental Trading Company and Custom Ink have made it affordable and super easy for custom products to be made for the masses (without breaking the bank or having to order a bazillion items).

No matter how you decide to celebrate graduation season, make sure it reflects your personality. It doesn’t have to be flashy or overdone (unless that’s just how you are), and you don’t have to spend a fortune.

Congrats to the Class of 2018!

Stay Passionate!

Signature - Candis C.



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