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About Event Planing Expert Advice, Candis CarmichaelAbout the author

Event Planning Expert Advice is written by Candis Carmichael, CMP, CEM, the team lead at Planner In A Box, Inc. Candis has an extensive background in marketing strategy development and event planning. She has amassed a portfolio of work that provides her with a unique insight into this world and has managed clients’ multi-million-dollar annual budgets.

Candis has been heavily involved in the marketing strategy development and implementation for many top brands, including eBay Advertising, StubHub, Sam’s Club and CVS. She has also created advertising strategies for companies like Ideal Image and Shapes Total Fitness for Women. She has experience managing a diverse portfolio of events both for individuals and businesses. These events include: interactive promotions, education conferences, trade shows, fundraisers, awards banquets, weddings, baby showers, and retirement parties.

About Planner In A Box

Planner In A Box emerged as a support system for the growing trend of DIY event planning by businesses and individuals. With the increased popularity of idea boards like Pinterest, people now have easy access to inspiration for their events. They can create a clear vision of what they want it to look like. Rather than blindly try to tackle their events, Planner In A Box offers a custom solution. The team guides DIY event planners through the process, while providing tips and tricks to make every event look professional, polished and perfect.

In 2017, Planner In A Box expanded to offer marketing strategy services for businesses. It quickly became evident that events marketing is taking center stage in marketing strategies. Now companies increasingly focus on creating interactive events. However, many organizations don’t understand how to integrate these activities into their existing strategies. So Planner In A Box now offers guidance in creation of this cohesive story.

The team at Planner In A Box acts a strategic partner and guide helping businesses and DIY event planners develop creative solutions to meet their goals. Their experienced team provides individuals and businesses the tools needed to succeed.